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Six Time World Champion Hunter Rider Scott Stewart

“We have used Shapley’s products for years to get our horses looking their very best at shows.” -Scott Stewart

Three Time Olympian Guenter Seidel

“I’m impressed by the quality of the products and how well they work to get my horses’ coats radiant.” - Guenter Seidel

Olympian Kelli Temple

“Eventing is a fast-paced sport and we expect a lot from our horses. Shapley's products help to keep our horses looking and feeling great so they can truly shine!” -Kelli Temple

WEG Gold Medalist Cade McCutcheon

Junior Reining Sensation and WEG Gold Medalist!

Irish Showjumping Team Member Shane Sweetnam

“We use Shapley’s products every day to keep our horses looking their best.” -Shane Sweetnam

WEG Gold Medalist Tim McQuay

"All of the Shapley's products have been great for us here at McQuay Stables. Shapley's has everything you need to make your horse healthy and beautiful!" -Tim McQuay

Five Time Olympian Phillip Dutton

"Shapley's products are a staple in our barn and you will not see my head groom, Emma, without a Shapley's product in her grooming kit. Whether at home, or at a show, we rely on Shapley’s to keep my horses looking and feeling their best.” -Phillip Dutton

Dustin Goodwin


"Whether in the barn or in the show ring, Shapley's wide variety of products keep our horses standing out in the crowd."

Shelly Camph


From Oz Incorporated. Shelly enjoys teaching students of all levels with an emphasis on the hunters and equitation. Shelley was the 2008 NW Professional World Champion Hunter Rider

Product Focus

Shapley's Famous M-T-G

  • Formulated to eliminate the caustic agent that creates skin problems
  • Conditions the skin while creating a barrier against the elements
  • Conditions the hair and skin around the problem area to promote hair growth
  • Effective against rain rot, dew poisoning, mud fever, girth itch, tail rubbing ad scratches
  • Can be used on livestock, dogs and cats and helps eliminate hot spotsMTG_and_MTG_plus_300_w_for_bottom_row.jpg

  • Grooming Tip

    How to brighten your horse's color:

    Help your horse looking good throughout the summer by letting him dry before turning him out.

    Supplement his hair coat with Equi-Tone to bring out the highlights of his own color.

    EquiTone is available in four shades - black, red, whitening, and gold.

    Find them here at your favorite online retailer!



    “Magic Sheen is the only shine product I trust on my horse and it works beautifully! It detangles quickly, leaves a high shine and I just love the smell. And it repels dirt better than any product I have used before without drying out his coat. My horse always stays much cleaner than his barn mates!”

    Magic Sheen is designed with no additional ingredients that can dry your horse's coat. It's great to use on your horse's body to add shine and help prevent stains.

    You can also use Magic Sheen to detangle manes and tails.



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