The Shapley's Canine Care Line of Products

Success stories!

Read about the success stories of the dogs used on the labels.

They are all Danny and Ron's Rescues that found forever homes!


CACIE came to Danny & Ron’s Rescue in 2017. She was surrendered by her owner for a few reasons, but mainly because of some aggressive behavior with her other two dogs. Cacie came with a lot of skin issues and allergies that needed to be dealt with! She was completely shaved, and her skin was red and raw in spots from scratching. The owner loved Cacie and had tried valiantly to find a solution for the skin issues but nothing seemed to work. Cacie was, quite frankly, miserable in her own skin. This may have contributed to her bad attitude toward the other family dogs. She remained at a foster home for about 3 months and during that time the foster mom fell in love with her and adopted Cacie. She made it her mission to solve the skin issues and along with her vet, came up with a strict dietary and medication and bathing plan. It took a few months Cacie started to blossom into the magnificent dog she is now, with a beautiful thick shiny coat!


SADIE RAE was found as a stray, hanging around an office complex begging for attention and food from the employees coming in and out of the building. People left food and water our for her, thinking she would “head back home” but after 3 or 4 days they knew they needed to act quickly. Sadie was skin and bones, covered in fleas and ticks! The employees banded together, caught Sadie and wrapped her in a blanket for the ride to our veterinarian. She was so sweet and a favorite at the clinic! After weeks of proper nutrition and vet care she blossomed into a magnificent, confident dog and was adopted in to a loving, caring home!


JOHN was found in a junk yard, a common dumping ground for unwanted dogs in Homestead, FL. John was loose, but staying close to another poodle that was tied to a rusty truck, left with no food or water. John stayed by his side long enough for both to be caught and rescued. They had been out on their own for weeks! Just look at this transformation from a miserable mutt smelling of matted motor oil to a perfectly coiffed playful poodle. The other poodle was placed in a wonderful home. Due to John’s severe fear issues with strangers, he now lives full-time at Danny & Ron's Rescue where he knows and loves his people! He is not available for adoption.