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Shapley's Original M-T-G


Developed by a barber in 1938 to treat human skin conditions, Original M-T-G has proven itself to be nothing short of miraculous for horse skin issues. Original M-T-G is time tested and proven. It is veterinarian recommended as the only solution needed for a variety of bacterial and fungal skin problems.

Original M-T-G treats a variety of skin problems quickly and easily with results seen as soon as a day after the very first application. Original M-T-G successfully treats the following conditions: rain rot, dew poisoning, scratches, mud fever, greasy heal, sweet itch, girth itch, itchy skin, dandruff and tail rubbing. It has been touted to work on thrush and white line disease.


"I have a horse boarded at my farm that has sweet itch. She rubs her mane and tail off every summer. A friend of mine just introduced me to your product. I just wanted to let you know it works great. I used it on her tail, which she rubbed down to the skin. I used it for a week and immediately saw results. Now her tail looks good. I also used it on her mane, which she started to rub again. I am pleased to have been introduced to your product."

Original M-T-G is formulated to eliminate the causative agent creating the skin problems so it treats at the source to dry up and heal the affected area. Its special ingredients also condition the skin and hair around the problem area which promotes both healthy skin and hair regrowth. Original M-T-G keeps the skin conditioned while creating a barrier against the elements. It offers quick relief and visible hair growth in 3-5 days.

Original M-T-G is easy to use. Just rub a small amount into the affected area without disturbing or picking the scabs off. There is no need to rinse or wash out between applications. Once the area is healed and you want to wash the residue off just use Shapley’s Hi Shine Shampoo which is specially formulated to remove Original M-T-G quickly and easily. Shapley’s Easy-Out spray will also remove Original M-T-G both from the horse and from your hands.


Original M-T-G has another, also miraculous, use. It will grow mane and tail hair by as much as 3 inches a month. It is tested and proven by users to grow hair length and add volume. It creates a healthy environment for the hair follicle which results in maximum hair growth while keeping the hair soft and pliable to minimize breakage. All you need to do to grow mane and tail hair is to rub a small amount once a week at the base of the mane and on the tail bone of the horse. Again, there is no need to rinse or wash off between applications.

Original M-T-G will also work equally as well on dogs, cats and livestock to combat their skin problems including hot spots, itching and dry skin. Original M-T-G has come full circle and has been specially formulated and tested to continue to work on people. This product for human hair growth comes with an improved fragrance and different packaging and is called Sulu Max Gro, which can be found on www.sulumaxgro.com.

Original M-T-G is available in 6 oz and 32 oz bottles.


Testimonials About Shapley's Original M-T-G

“I am just writing to thank you for producing MTG! It really, really, really does work! I couldn’t believe when I saw my Arab gelding’s rain rot disappear and his hair growing back in just four days after application! The stuff smells a little funky, but the conditioning properties are amazing. After I saw results on his rain rot, I put some on his tail and where the mane grows out of his crest. The hair is thicker feeling and it’s growing even longer! He looks like a new horse!"


“Our ranch raises Quarter Horses in the rugged terrain of Western Montana and I have never used a product that has worked as well as Shapley’s MTG. We have used it on our forty plus horses from broodmares to saddle horses. We had an epidemic of scratches, ringworm, and cinch rash this summer due to our drought and some poor hygiene at a trainers. Even on the babies that had not been handled; we put MTG in a sprayer and doctored their feet and in a week they were cured. I have never used a better, more efficient product. I have found it even works well on abrasions and rope burns. It is an incredible product. I would recommend it highly.”


I have a horse boarded at my farm that has sweet itch. She rubs her mane and tail off every summer. A friend of mine just introduced me to your product. I just wanted to let you know it works great. I used it on her tail, which she rubbed down to the skin. I used it for a week and immediately saw results. Now her tail looks good. I also used it on her mane, which she started to rub again. I am pleased to have been introduced to your product.


I found an interesting use for the M-T-G… In ND the mosquitoes are HORRIBLE!! Nothing will keep them of the horse, or so I thought. I was putting M-T-G on my horse(he has thin tail issues) when I noticed the skeeters weren’t going where I’d put the M-T-G. So I applied it to his body with a brush and did a head to toe body cover with the M-T-G and it worked beautifully! The horses were happy too, let me tell you!!


Content I used your M-T-G on my gelding with a patch of what the Vet said was some sort of fungus. I had tried everything else I had heard of with no results. So I ordered some M-T-G, and put some on my gelding. Well, there was a death in the family, and the truth is I forgot about it for about 10 days (I did remember to feed him though!). When I checked it 10 days later, after only one application, the fungus was nearly gone! So I tried it on a bald scar on his neck....you guessed it, the M-T-G grew hair back on that scarred spot, and now the scar is covered. Later, my friend's mare had a similar problem. I gave them some of my M-T-G to use on her, and it was cleared up right away. I recommend your products every chance I get.


I originally purchased the M-T-G for tail rubbing and mane chewing my horses do. My mare has had “cannon kurtosis” on her rear legs for years. I’ve scraped the patches off and applied other products for years. The vet said it was just something that never went away. I decided to try the M-T-G on them, I dabbed it on and rubbed it in. In five days, they were gone.


“Thank God we have found you guys again! I have used it for everything from rain rot to ‘mud fever’ and it has never failed to work in less than 3 days. Not only does it help, it literally makes the problem disappear. It really works on rain rot and any kind of surface dermatitis.. Even when I don’t know what it is, I know Shapley’s M-T-G will take care of the problem. Forget all those special shampoos and treatments - M-T-G does it all!!”


I’ve been using your M-T-G and Natural Elegance for a year and I am impressed. I’ve become the official groom at fort Worth’s Hacienda Del Rio, a down home ranch that raises Peruvian Paso’s. I’m so impressed with Shapley’s M-T-G. Results on dermal fungal conditions are remarkable! Since I am also a physician (only in my spare time) I often “diagnose” the horse skin condition. The running joke is that I only have “one diagnosis”, But, It’s okay…because I only have one treatment…M-T-G!

––DR. E.M.D.

“I have been fighting mud scratches on my Tennessee Walking Horse’s back legs for the last two years. Nothing ever cleared the condition completely and I was very frustrated. Then my friend got me a bottle of MTG to try. In less than a week of daily application, the mud scratches are gone—TOTALLY GONE! I went over her entire body and looked for other suspicious areas and used the MTG on them, as well. WOW! Even a few old scars are smooth and showing hair regrowth. Plus, even though the product smells like bacon to me, it doesn't attract flies. I can’t thank you enough for retailing this fine product.


I just wanted to tell you what a fan I am of MTG. I have gypsy cobs, and they have lots of feather, I have used MTG as a preventative measure for scratches, and for a mare that I have that has gotten scratches like symptoms. It cleared it up wonderfully. Thank you for such a terrific product!!


I loved the M-T-G on tails and was very impressed when I used it on a spot that was rubbed bare by a blanket. I love the new spout on the bottle. It makes it so much easier to get the dock of the tail. What a wonderful product.

–– D.I.

Since about 1998 I've been using MTG on my Friesians, mostly for skin problems in their feathers. It has worked very well and I have recommended it to countless Friesian owners since. As the contact person of a Friesian studbook chapter I often get this questions and always recommend MTG as I know it does the job. I have even gotten local tack stores to carry it and they can't keep it on the shelf!


Hi everyone at Shapley's! Thank you so much for making the Original M.T.G.! My gelding had really bad fungus on his hind legs and face, and he would rub his tail all the time. I TRIED EVERYTHING!! I used the super expensive products just to name one, the Equus line, and nothing worked, that is until I tried the Original M.T.G I would NEVER use anything else for fungus. IT IS FABULOUS!!!! Thanks again for making such a great product,


“I am writing you to thank you for marketing your Original M-T-G. My horse Rusty had many different skin ailments, Rain Rot, Girth Itch, Fungus, Dandruff and last but not least, Tail Rubbing. For years, I tried different products even consulted two vets. They recommended shots of some sorts. Many dollars later, Rusty still had his skin problems. Rusty is now skin aliment free, thanks to your product Original M-T-G. Skin ailments are not only unsightly, but painful to our horses. Original M-T-G also seemed to relieve Rusty’s skin discomfort as he healed. I have never found another product which worked so well in healing Rusty’s skin aliments.”


“Just a quick note to say how amazed I am with your Original M-T-G. My horse has been suffering for a couple of months with ‘scratches’. She has been on antibiotics two separate times, numerous scrubs and soaks with a betadine or other scrub and the condition just has continued to either get worse or remain the same. I borrowed a small amount (from a friend) expecting to see no change and in 1 day’s time, it actually seemed like scabs were softening and I could see some pink skin. In two applications, 3/4 of the large scab is gone!! Needless to say, I am thrilled, because I have tried EVERYTHING. It’s a miracle! Thank you!”


Re: Sweet Itch. “Here’s a sampling of insect repellents, insecticides and anti-itch products that will help you declare war on sweet Itch. Shapley’s M-T-G. Nontoxic; works well to repel biting insects, even though there are no label claims to this effect also helps heal affected skin.”


I would like to thank you for making such a wonderful product. My husband and I own a 2yr old ""immune system"" challenged paint colt, that my husband rescued at a horse auction as a 4-6week old foal. This colt had the worse case of scratches that I have ever seen this spring. We tried everything recommended by our vet - betadine scrubs, nitrofurazone, vinegar washes..etc. You name it, we tried it. The scratches progressed to the point that they spread onto his hind quarters and then he developed ring-worm. I tried something for the ring-worm and he lost large patches of hair. It was awful. Our vet recommended putting him down. We changed vets and our new vet started him on immune system shots. That's when a friend told me about MTG. Within 4 days of starting MTG, we could see new hair growth. The pictures attached are approximately 5 weeks apart. The colt still has some challenges ahead and we are still using your product. I have gone through 21/4 bottles, but would highly recommend it to anyone with scratches, ring-worm or rain-rot. Your product has been a "miracle" for him.


Just wanted to let you know that MTG is not only great for horses but cattle too! We had a heifer brought down from Illinois, covered in ringworm. We tried everything to get rid of it. Finally we tried M-T-G, and saw results almost right away. Her hair came back in, and she looks great! Thank you so much, it got her back in the show ring!


I bought MTG to use on a horse who had terrible old ringworm lesions. The skin was like leather and hadn't had hair in it for a very long time.. I dabbed it with the MTG once and then came cold weather, so I didn't go out and touch it again for about 3 days. When I went to check on the horse I found hair everywhere, and lots of it.. I almost fell over on the ground. I don't know what is in this stuff, but it works.


I have a 6-year-old horse that acquired a serious leg injury as a yearling. He was totally hairless on his back lower right leg for five years. I decided to give MTG a try and within two weeks the hair started growing back in. It has now been about three months and his leg is almost totally covered with hair. There is only one spot, about an inch wide by three inches long that has not filled in with hair. I'm simply amazed at this product!




Helpful Hints about M-T-G

• Shake bottle thoroughly to mix the sediment layer on bottom of bottle throughout the rest of the liquid in bottle. Continue to shake periodically during application.

• Apply directly to the problem spot using just enough to cover without applying too much and having the excess run down the horse.

• Don’t pick scabs off as it may be painful to the horse and cause slight swelling. The scabs will fall off on their own after the healthy skin grows back under the scab.

• After scratches heal on the horse’s legs, put a thin layer of Original M-T-G on the affected area before turnout in wet conditions to provide a barrier against the horse becoming re-infected.

• Do not share brushes, blankets or turnout between horses with a skin problem and those without a problem as fungal and bacterial problems are highly contagious. Wash anything that comes into contact with infected horse so you won’t re-infect him after he heals. Brushes can be washed with a bleach solution to kill the fungus or bacteria making sure to rinse well.

• The oil in Original M-T-G may make your horse sensitive to the sun and susceptible to sunburn. If the horse spends a lot of time in the direct sun you may want to apply Original M-T-G in early evening.

• Original M-T-G may produce heat when applied so you will want to be careful applying a leg wrap over top of it as it will act as a sweat.

• There is no need to wash out or rinse Original M-T-G between applications.

• Many people see the skin problem going away after just the first application.

• To grow mane or tail hair massage M-T-G into the base of the mane along the neck and on the tailbone of the horse once a week.

• When applying Original M-T-G and NEW Original M-T-G plus, more is not always better. Apply sparingly.

• A quick and easy way to eliminate the Original M-T-G “smell” from your hands is to spray Easy-Out on your hands, rub in well and wash out the smell.

Product Focus

Shapley's Famous M-T-G

  • Formulated to eliminate the caustic agent that creates skin problems
  • Conditions the skin while creating a barrier against the elements
  • Conditions the hair and skin around the problem area to promote hair growth
  • Effective against rain rot, dew poisoning, mud fever, girth itch, tail rubbing ad scratches
  • Can be used on livestock, dogs and cats and helps eliminate hot spotsMTG_and_MTG_plus_300_w_for_bottom_row.jpg

  • Grooming Tip

    How to brighten your horse's color:

    Help your horse looking good throughout the summer by letting him dry before turning him out.

    Supplement his hair coat with Equi-Tone to bring out the highlights of his own color.

    EquiTone is available in four shades - black, red, whitening, and gold.

    Find them here at your favorite online retailer!



    “Magic Sheen is the only shine product I trust on my horse and it works beautifully! It detangles quickly, leaves a high shine and I just love the smell. And it repels dirt better than any product I have used before without drying out his coat. My horse always stays much cleaner than his barn mates!”

    Magic Sheen is designed with no additional ingredients that can dry your horse's coat. It's great to use on your horse's body to add shine and help prevent stains.

    You can also use Magic Sheen to detangle manes and tails.



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