Removing burrs and stickers from your horse's mane and tail.

You have many choices when your horse comes back to the barn covered in sticker burrs - without causing any damage.


So, you need to create some sleek and slick hair.

Your best bet is to use conditioner or a grooming oil. Natural Elegance, No. 1 Light Oil, and M-T-G are all great options. Now the fun part. Rather than dousing your horse with the conditioner or oil, apply a little bit at a time. You may need to work it in, or let your conditioner soak in a bit. Applying too much too soon may lead to drips.

Start at the bottom or edge of the mat and slowly work the burrs and stickers out. As you work into the mass, or up the mane, or uncover more dry hair and burrs, add a bit more conditioner or oil. The bonus of using a horse conditioner or horse grooming oil is that you likely won’t need to wash it out. If you do find your horse with way too much oil in his hair, a quick shampoo will do the trick.


Sometimes a wide tooth comb can help you separate matted hair into manageable sections.

Keeping the mane and tail brushed or picked daily helps prevent massive burr balls. If you are able to keep mane and tail dry, conditioned, and sleek, you will find that burrs have a harder time getting a grip and removal is easier.