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Shapley's EquiTone Shampoos


EquiTone Shampoos were voted the ‘Top Pick’ for color enhancement by the esteemed Horse Journal Magazine.

EquiTone Shampoo is a one step premium shampoo and conditioner that adds rich, brilliant color as it cleans and conditions. It adds vibrancy and vitality to the hair imparting a natural color and a brilliant shine. It is a must for rejuvenating sun damaged or body clipped hair and adding dimension and highlights to dull, dried out coats, manes and tails. EquiTone enriches the natural color of the horse. The Whitening shampoo adds an optical brightness to all coat colors as well as making white or gray coats stain free and sparkling white.

“Whoa! After several applications...her horses shimmered. There was no doubt that coats looked richer, cleaner and more brilliant in the case of grays and didn’t dry out despite show-season frequent baths.”

EquiTone Shampoo is easy to use. Add shampoo directly to wet coat, work in thoroughly, let sit for 10 minutes and then rinse off. Do not dilute the shampoo by adding it to a bucket of water.

Use EquiTone on sun bleached coats and tails to restore color and vibrancy. Use EquiTone on newly body clipped horses as it will restore color to mousy bay and washy chestnut coats. Or use EquiTone Shampoo any time your horse’s hair needs a boost of color and shimmering highlights.

EquiTone Shampoo is available in 16 oz bottles.

EquiTone Shampoo comes in four colors:

Red for chestnuts, red bays and sorrels,

Black for dark bays, browns and blacks,

Gold for palominos and buckskins,

White for grays and light coats.



I have thoroughly enjoyed the color enhancing shampoo. No other compares to the quality of color and the shampoo itself. Keep up the good work!


“Whoa! After several applications...her horses shimmered. There was no doubt that coats looked richer, cleaner and more brilliant in the case of grays and didn’t dry out despite show-season frequent baths.”


I just wanted to let you know how great your MTG & Whitening shampoo are... I have an imported Pure Spanish Andalusian stallion, BUHONERO 1 that was 2003 & 2004 USEF Horse of the Year in Halter, Performance and Amateur, along with 2004 IALHA National Champion and 2004 Champion of Champions under the Spanish Military Judge, Col. Bobi. I believe that the MTG keeps his mane, tail & forelock in show condition year round! I NEVER have to keep it braided & risk having it break off since it doesn't tangle!!! The Whitening shampoo truly brings out his metallic brilliance to where I DO NOT use a finishing shine spray""!



SDS for Red EquiTone Shampoo

SDS for Black EquiTone Shampoo

SDS for Gold EquiTone Shampoo

SDS for Whitening EquiTone Shampoo

Helpful Hints

  • Use full strength directly from the bottle onto the horse’s wet coat, mane and tail. Do not dilute in a bucket of water as you would with other shampoos.
  • Let sit for 10 minutes before rinsing.
  • Work in well with your finger tips or a rubber curry comb to make sure coat hair is evenly saturated and skin cleaned.
  • Don’t leave the Whitening shampoo on for over 10 minutes as the bluing agent may stain your horse’s hair light blue or purple.

Product Focus

Shapley's Famous M-T-G

  • Formulated to eliminate the caustic agent that creates skin problems
  • Conditions the skin while creating a barrier against the elements
  • Conditions the hair and skin around the problem area to promote hair growth
  • Effective against rain rot, dew poisoning, mud fever, girth itch, tail rubbing ad scratches
  • Can be used on livestock, dogs and cats and helps eliminate hot spotsMTG_and_MTG_plus_300_w_for_bottom_row.jpg

  • Grooming Tip

    How to brighten your horse's color:

    Help your horse looking good throughout the summer by letting him dry before turning him out.

    Supplement his hair coat with Equi-Tone to bring out the highlights of his own color.

    EquiTone is available in four shades - black, red, whitening, and gold.

    Find them here at your favorite online retailer!



    “Magic Sheen is the only shine product I trust on my horse and it works beautifully! It detangles quickly, leaves a high shine and I just love the smell. And it repels dirt better than any product I have used before without drying out his coat. My horse always stays much cleaner than his barn mates!”

    Magic Sheen is designed with no additional ingredients that can dry your horse's coat. It's great to use on your horse's body to add shine and help prevent stains.

    You can also use Magic Sheen to detangle manes and tails.



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